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Redemptive Unity Recommendations

What is Redemptive Unity? In short, it is the natural response to the saving nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As sinners saved by grace into one body, the church, we believe there is to be a oneness, a unity, that must result from faith in the cross of Christ. At Perimeter Church we want to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity in our ten-city reach. At the center of our oneness is our faith in Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of Redemptive Unity is to bring together our diverse congregation to ask God to work in and through Perimeter Church, to do what only He can. In today’s often tense and divisive climate we plead and depend on God to do that work of redemptive unity, bringing into relationships people who, based on the world’s standard, have no business of being together. We aim to do this through steadfast prayer, personal equipping, and community engagement.

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